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Thursday, 6 May 2010

20:00 Room A: Welcome Reception

Friday, 7 May 2010

08:30-10:00 Room A:
Executive Committee and Council Meeting of FESCI

10:00-12:00 Room A
Antibiotics are not Enough
Cosponsored by the Croatian Society of Chemotherapy
Chair: Dalibor Vukelic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Co-Chair: Bruno Barsic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Are steroids useful in the treatment of bacterial meningitis
Jereb Matjaz (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Will hypothermia improve outcome of patients with severe central nervous system infections
Marko Kutlesa (Zagreb, Croatia)
Does early valve surgery improve outcome of infective endocarditis complicated with stroke
Bruno Barsic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Radical surgery or stereotaxy in the treatment of brain abscess
Ana Pangereic (Zagreb, Croatia)

10:00-12:00 Room B
Influenza Virus Infection: Past, Present and Future
Cosponsored by the Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialty Society of Turkey
Chair: Gaye Usluer (Eskisehir, Turkey)
Co-Chair: Sercan Ulusoy (Izmir, Turkey)
Nature and scale of a flu pandemic
Hasan Salih Zeki Aksu (Adana, Turkey)
Flu Activity & Surveillance
Selim Badur (Istanbul, Turkey)
Influenza Management
Dilek Arman (Ankara, Turkey)
Seasonal Influenza vaccines, “pre-pandemic” vaccines and pandemic vaccines?
Hakan Erdem (Istanbul, Turkey)

10:00-12:00 Room C
Malaria, HIV and TB in the Tropics
Cosponsored by the Central European Society of Tropical Medicine
Chair: Jalili Nasir (Kabul, Afganistan)
Co-Chair: Zuzana Njambi (Nairobi, Kenya)
New vectors of old diseases: Lessons from medical entomology
Jalili Nasir (Kabul, Afganistan)
Prevention and treatment of Malaria in pregnancy
Sailvia Dobrodenkova (Buikwe, Uganda), Zuzana Njambi (Nairobi, Kenya)
Mother to child transmission and HAART in pregnancy
Adriana Ondrusova (Buikwe, Uganda), Muli John Mutuku (Nairobi, Kenya)
When to start HAART in HIV children 200 vs. 350 vs. 500 CD4’s?
Andrea Kalavska (Phnom-Penh, Cambodia), lrad Beldjebel (Beirut, Libanon)

10:00-12:00 Room D
Clinical Microbiology
Cosponsored by the Bulgarian Society of Microbiology
Chair: Todor Kantardjiev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Co-Chair: Hannah Sprecher (Haifa, Israel)
Surveillance of microbial resistance in Bulgaria 1997-2009
Todor Kantardjiev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Approaches for treatment of early Lyme borreliosis
Iva Christova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Rapid detection of KPC producing Enterobacteriaceae (Noscomial infections)
Hannah Sprecher (Haifa, Israel)

Immunity and Infections - Does Gender Matter?
Victoria Sarafian (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

09:00 – 12:00 Exhibition area
Poster session 1: Neoplasms. Varia. / Download PDF file /

12:00-12:30 Room A: Opening Ceremony

12:30-14:00 Room A: Lunch Meeting (Pfizer)

14:00-16:00 Room A
Hepatitis B and C Viral Infections: Problems of Diagnostic and Therapy
Cosponsored by the Yugoslav Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Chair: Mijomir Pelemis (Belgrade, Serbia)
Co-Chair: Milica Prostran (Belgrade, Serbia)
Problems of therapy during hepatitis B viral infection
Draga Delic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Treatment of chronic viral hepatitis C – our experience
Milotka Fabri (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Problems during treatment of chronic viral hepatitis C in drug users
Ljiljana Konstantinovic (Nis, Serbia)
National consensus about chronic viral hepatitis B and C
Goran Jankovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

14:00-16:00 Room B
Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Virulence of Clinically Important Bacteria Responsible for Community and Hospital Acquired Infection in the Region
Cosponsored by the Macedonian Microbiological Society
Chair: Milena Petrovska (Skopje, R. Macedonia)
Co-Chair: Nikola Panovski (Skopje, R. Macedonia)
Resistance patterns of MRSA, enterococci and pneumococci in Skopje region
Nikola Panovski (Skopje, R. Macedonia)
Resistance and virulence of E. coli, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter Species in the Skopje region
Milena Petrovska (Skopje, R. Macedonia)
Surveillance of infections in Bulgaria
Todor Kantardziev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Resistance to beta-lactams and quinolons in clinical relevant bacteria in Romania
Maria Damian (Bucarest, Romania)

14:00-16:00 Room C
Modern aspects in Facial Surgery - I
Chair: Nikolai Yanev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Co-Chair: Pavel Stanimirov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Our experience in Craniofacial Surgery
Y. Anastassov, P. Pellerin, P. Delem, Department of Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery - University Hospital “St.George”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. University Hospital Lille, France
Oculoplastic Surgery
M. Mihailova, Medical Center  VISION-OUEST - France.
Microsurgical Reconstructions in the Head and Neck Region
R. Romansky, V. Sveshtarov, N. Yanev . Plastic Surgery Clinic, University Hospital “Alexandrovska”, Sofia, Bulgaria.

14:00-16:00 Room D
Hemorrhagic Fever
Cosponsored by the Microbiological Association in Bosnia&Herzegovina and the Kosova Society of Chemotherapy
Chair: Mirsada Hukic (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Co-Chair: Ilir Q. Tolaj (Prishtina, Kosovo)
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) in Bosnia and Herzegovina – twenty years survey
Mirsada Hukic (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever in Kosovo
Salih Ahmeti (Pristhina, Kosovo)
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in Turkey
Hakan Leblebicioglu (Samsun, Turkey)

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-18.00 Room A
The Spread of Carbapenemases in Europe: Epidemiological, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Issues
Cosponsored by the Hellenic Society for Chemotherapy
Chair: George L.Daikos (Athens, Greece)
Co-Chair: Krassimir Metodiev (Varna, Bulgaria)
Epidemiological issues
M. Souli (Athens,Greece)
Diagnostic issues
Irene Galani (Athens,Greece)
Therapeutic issues
George L. Daikos (Athens,Greece)

16:30-18:00 Room B
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy: How much? How long?
Cosponsored by the Italian Society of Chemotherapy
Chair: Francesco Scaglione (Milan, Italy)
Co-Chair: Teresita Mazzei (Florence, Italy)
PK/PD as tool of dose selection
Andrea Novelli (Florence, Italy)
Short-term therapy: how and when to apply?
Francesco Scaglione (Milan, Italy)
PK-PD and resistance
Teresita Mazzei (Florence, Italy)

16:30-18:00 Room C
Modern aspects in Facial Surgery - II
Chair: Y. Anastassov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Co-Chair: H. Zlatanov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) in treatment of inflammatory processes of the paranasal cavities
H. Zlatanov, V. Tzetkov. (Otorhinolaringology Clinic, Military Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria.)
Malignant tumors in the facial region
P. Stanimirov, (University Hospital for Maxillofacial Surgery, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Modern diagnostic and treatment aspects in TMJ Pathology
N. Yanev, (University Hospital for Maxillofacial Surgery, Sofia, Bulgaria.)

14:00 – 18:00 Exhibition area
Poster session 2:
Infections – clinical aspects. / Download PDF file /

20.00 Social Event

Saturday, 8 May 2010

8:30-10:30 Room A

Collateral Effects of Antiifectives and its Importance in Clinical Practice
Cosponsored by the Romanian Society for the Study of Chemotherapeutics
Chair: Mihai Nechifor (Iasi, Romania)
Co-Chair: Mircea Chiotan (Bucharest, Romania)
Collateral effects of antiifectives –from concept to medical activity
Mihai Nechifor (Iasi, Romania)
Antiinfective drug adverse reactions in oral cavity
Irina Gradinaru (Iasi, Romania)
Effect of microbes on immune regulation and development of autoimmune and immune-mediated diseases
Manole Cojocaru, Inimioara Mihaela Cojocaru, Simona Alexandra Iacob, Gabriela Bancescu, Manuela Radu-Popescu, Lucica Rosu, Isabela Silosi (Bucharest and Craiova, Romania)
Adverse Effects of Interferon Therapy in Chronic Viral Hepatitis
Victoria Arama, Mircea Chiotan (Bucharest, Romania)

8:30-10.30 Room B
New Aspects on Sepsis
Cosponsored by the Donau University, Krems Austria
Chair: Dieter Falkenhagen (Krems, Austria)
Co-Chair: Hristo Taskov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Pathophysiology of sepsis
Gerhard Schmitz (Regensburg, Germany)
Target finding in sepsis based on cell culture models
Viktoria Weber (Krems, Austria)
Clinical Relevance of sepsis
Karl Werdan (Halle, Germany)
Extracorporeal blood purification: a future therapy for sepsis and multiorgan-failure?
Dieter Falkenhagen (Krems, Austria)

8:30-10.30 Room C
Gyneco-Urinary Tract Infections
Cosponsored by the European Society of Infections in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ESIDOG)
Chair: Ernst-Rainer Weissenbacher (Munich, Germany)
Co-Chair: Stefan Ivanov (Varna, Bulgaria)
Local Interleukins as a new Tool for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infections of the outer Genital Tract
Ernst-Rainer Weissenbacher (Munich, Germany)
Chlamydia contamination and its association with HPV infections and cervical precancer
Stefan Ivanov (Varna, Bulgaria)
Immunoprophylactics and immunotherapy of patients suffering from chronic uroinfections with Urostym
R. Kostadinov, P. Nenkov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

8:30-10.30 Room D
General Dental Medicine I

8:30-10.30 Room E
Satellite Forum BANO
Cosponsored by the Bulgarian Association of Neuro-Oncology
Chair: Nadejda Deleva (Varna, Bulgaria)
Co-Chair: Ara Kaprelian (Varna, Bulgaria)
Pathological word production in patients with brain tumors
Nadejda Deleva (Varna, Bulgaria)
Advances in neuroimaging of tumor-associated epilepsy
Ara Kaprelyan (Varna, Bulgaria)
PET diagnosis of brain tumors
Anelia Klissarova (Varna, Bulgaria)
Dysautonomias and paraneoplastic syndromes
Irena Velcheva (Sofia, Bulgaria)

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-13:00 Room A
Infectious Diseases in Catastrophic Areas
Cosponsored by the Slovak Society of Chemotherapy
Chair: Juraj Benca (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
Co-Chair: Vladimir Krcmery (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Medical service after Tsunami Southeast Asia
Juraj Benca (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Daria Horvathova (Buikwe, Uganda)
Genocide, Malnutrition and lnfectious Diseases - Sudan/Darfour experience
Vladimir Krcmery (Bratislava, Slovakia), Andrea Shahum (Norwalk, USA)
Infection diseases in Haiti after hurricanes
Marian Bartkovjak (Port au Prince, Haiti), Max Philippe (Port au Prince, Haiti)
Sweet water floads in Danube, Central Europe
Erich Kalavsky (Vienna, Austria), Eva Horvathova (Bratislava, Slovakia)

11:00–13:00 Room B
New Resistance Genes and Microorganisms
Cosponsored by the Mediterranean Society of Chemotherapy
Chair: George Petrikkos (Athens, Greece)
Co-Chair: Stefania Stefani (Catania, Italy)
Plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance
Irene Galani (Athens, Greece)
Staphylococcal unsusceptibility to glycopeptides
Stefania Stefani (Catania, Italy)
New beta-lactamases in Gram-negative bacteria
Vivi Miriagou (Athens, Greece)
Evolution of antibiotic resistance in A. baumannii
Jordi Vila (Barcelona, Spain)

11:00 -13:00 Room C
Optimal Management of Urogenital Infections
Cosponsored by the ISC UTI Commission
Chair: Kurt G. Naber (Straubing, Germany)
Co-Chair: Lidiya Petkova (Varna, Bulgaria)
Optimal management of uncomplicated urinary tract infections
Kurt G. Naber (Straubing, Germany)
Optimal Management of Infection Stones
Lidiya Petkova (Varna. Bulgaria)
Complicated and nosocomial urinary tract infections
Orlin Savov (Nuremberg, Germany and Varna, Bulgaria)
Optimal Management of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis
Visnja Skerk (Zagreb, Croatia)

11:00-13.00 Room D
General Dental Medicine II

10:30-11.50 Room E
Satellite Forum BANO
Cosponsored by the Bulgarian Association of Neuro-Oncology
Chair: Nadejda Deleva (Varna, Bulgaria)
Co-Chair: Ara Kaprelian (Varna, Bulgaria)
Paraneoplastic neuropathies
Marin Daskalov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Minimal visual dysfunction in sellar and parasellar processes
Alexandra Tzoukeva (Varna, Bulgaria)
Parkinsonism and brain tumors
Borislav Ivanov (Varna, Bulgaria)
Quality of life in malignancies of the CNS
Ivan Dimitrov (Varna, Bulgaria)

09:00 – 12:00 Exhibition area
Poster session 3: Infections - clinical and microbiological aspects. / Download PDF file /

13:00-14:00 Room A:
Lunch Meeting (Teva)

14:00-16:00 Room A
New Trends in the Epidemiology and Treatment of Invasive Fungal Infections
Cosponsored by the Cyprus Society of Chemotherapy and Infectious Diseases
Chair: George Petrikkos (Athens, Greece)
Co-Chair: Andrea Novelli (Florence, Italy)
Changes in the epidemiology of IFI
Maria Alexandrou (Limassol, Cyprus)
New azoles
Andrea Novelli (Florence, Italy)
New echinocandins
George Samonis (Heraklion, Crete, Greece)
Lipid preparations of amphotericin B
Anna Skiada (Athens, Greece)

14:00-16:00 Room B
General Dental Medicine III
DI-05: Dental Implantology I

14:00-16:00 Room C
Current Trends in Investigations on Bacterial Resistance and Pathogenicity (Short Communications)
Chair: Ivan Mitov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Co-Chair: Encho Savov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Antibiotic resistance and virulence factors in opportunistic Gram-negative bacteria.  
Ivan Mitov, R. Gergova, T. Strateva (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Assessing antibiotic resistance of nosocomial strains in multiprofile hospital
Encho Savov, I. Gergova, M. Borisova, E. Kjoseva, A. Trifonova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Epidemiology of infections in liver transplantation patients
Encho Savov, E. Kjoseva, I. Gergova, N. Vladov, N. Petrov, K. Katsarov, M. Borisova, Odiseeva, A. Trifonova, I. Todorova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Antibiotic susceptibility of Franisella tularensis strains isolated in Bulgaria
K. Marinov, E. Georgieva, E. Savov, K. Mladenov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Differential expression of interferon gamma in chronic hepatitis C patients
Refat Sadeq, Salwa Badr el-Sabah, Heba Mohtady and Nesreen Al-Badawy (Cairo, Egypt)
Hadjieva N., Petrov M. M., Velinova V. (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Morphometric changes in cardiomyopathic hamsters under hypoxia
Katharina Wassilew, Guenther Fitzl, Georgi Wassilew (Berlin, Germany)
Surgical Personnel’ Adherence to Antibiotic Policies
E. Keuleyan, G. Kirov, M. Kondarev, I. Lozev, D. Vezeva, S. Toujarov, N. Smilov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

14:00-16.00 Room D
Antibiotic Policies and Hospital Hygiene in the Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance
Cosponsored by the Slovenian Society for Chemotherapy
Chair: Milan Cizman (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Co-Chair: Bojana Beovic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Antibiotic stewardship between evidence based medicine and healthcare system
Bojana Beovic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Antimicrobial consumption surveillance principles and practice
Milan Cizman (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Antibiotic resistance surveillance - how to obtain reliable data?
Arjana Tambic Andrasevic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Why did we succeed against MRSA and failed against VRE? Analysis of measures to fight different resistant bacteria
Tatjana Lejko Zupanc (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

14:00-16.00 Room E
Satellite Forum BANO
Cosponsored by the Bulgarian Association of Neuro-Oncology
Chair: W. Grisold (Viena, Austria)
Co-Chair: R. Soffietti (Torino, Italy)
Paraneoplastic neuromuscular syndromes
Wolfgang Grisold (Viena, Austria)
Advances in treatment of malignant gliomas
Riccardo Soffietti (Torino, Italy)
Radiosurgery of brain tumors
Ufuc Abacioglu (Istambul, Turkey)
Current treatment of epilepsy in NO patients
Robrerta Ruda (Torino, Italy)
Tumors of the spinal cord
Stefan Oberndorfer (Viena, Austria)

Coffee Break

16:30-18:30 Room A
Infectious Diseases Consultations
Cosponsored by the Turkish Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (ANKEM)
Chair:Halit Ozsut (Istanbul, Turkey)
Co-Chair: Esin Senol (Ankara, Turkey)
Infectious Diseases Consultations - General aspects
Halit Ozsut (Istanbul, Turkey)
Infectious Diseases Consultations in ICUs
Halis Akalyn (Bursa, Turkey)
Infectious Diseases Consultations in Hematology-Oncology Clinics
Esin Senol (Ankara, Turkey)
Infectious Diseases Consultations for Fungal Infections
Omrum Uzun (Ankara, Turkey)

16:30-18:00 Room B
General Dental Medicine IV
DI-06: Dental Implantology II

16:30-18:15 Room C
Antibiotic Stewardship
Cosponsored by the ABS (antibiotic stewardship) GROUP, Austria
Chair: Oskar Janata (Vienna, Austria)
Co-Chair: Ian Gould (Aberdeen, UK)
Antibiotic Stewardship: characteristics, principles & objectives
Franz Allerberger (Vienna, Austria)
Antibiotic Stewardship implementation in Austria – Previous and ongoing projects and activities, outcomes & lessons learned
Oskar Janata (Vienna, Austria)
Can Antibiotic Stewardship Reverse Antibiotic resistance?
Ian Gould (Aberdeen, UK)

16:30-18.00 Room D
New Aspects on HIV/AIDS
Cosponsored by the Bulgarian Society of Virology
Chair: Radka Argirova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Co-Chair: Lilia Ivanova (Varna, Bulgaria)
Modern Internet Based Instruments for Monitoring and Prediction of the Therapy Success of HIV-1 Infected Patients
I. Alexiev, D. Beshkov, V. Georgieva, L. Karamacheva (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Mechanism of action of newly synthesized derivatives of 8-hydroxy-2-styrylquinolines (8-SQs) in cell culture:evidence for impact on more than one HIV-1 target
A. Iinkov, V. Atanassov, S. Dochev, S. Raleva, P. Genova-Kalou, R. Gavazova, I. Manolov, A. Pavlov, S. Chervenkov, D. Dundarova, R. Argirova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases in the immunocompromised host
Hannah Sprecher (Haifa, Israel)

16:30-18.00 Room E
Satellite Forum BANO
Cosponsored by the Bulgarian Association of Neuro-Oncology
Chair: W. Grisold (Viena, Austria)
Co-Chair: R. Soffietti (Torino, Italy)
Cognition in Neuro-Oncology
Lachezar Traykov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Cancer pain in neurology
Ivan Milanov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
The UEMS/EBN board examination in neurology
Wolfgang Grisold (Viena, Austria)

14:00 – 18:00 Exhibition area
Poster session 4: Oral & Dental Medicine, Implantology and Maxillo-Facial Surgery. / Download PDF file /

18:30-19:30 Room A: Round Table: Next SEEC-Where should it take place?

20:00 Social Event

Sunday, 9 May 2010

8:30-10:30 Room A
Threats in Human Health Care: Antibiotic Resistance and Clostridium difficile Infection
Cosponsored by the Austrian Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Chair: Franz Allerberger (Vienna, Austria)
Co-Chair: Bogdan Petrunov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Surveillance of antibiotic resistance
Helmut Mittermayer (Linz, Austria)
Microbiological diagnosis of CDI
Franz Allerberger (Vienna, Austria)
Therapy of CDI
Oskar Janata (Vienna, Austria)
Probiotics: fiends or friends
Elisabeth Presterl (Vienna, Austria)

8:30-10.30 Room B
Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis
Cosponsored by the Yugoslav Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Chair: Mijomir Pelemis (Belgrade, Serbia)
Co-Chair: Milorad Pavlovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Problems of laboratory diagnostics in patients with extrapulmonary tuberculosis
Milena Svabic Vlahovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Neurotuberculosis - diagnostical and therapeutical problems
Svetlana Nikolic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Importance of laparoscopy in diagnostic process in patients with extrapulmonary tuberculosis
Branko Brmbolic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Extrapulmonary tuberculosis as an etiological factor in fever of unknown origin
Goran Stevanovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

8:30-10.30 Room C
New Aspects in Cancer
Cosponsored by the ISC Cancer Section
Chair: Enrico Mini (Florence, Italy)
Co-Chair: Hannah Sprecher (Haifa, Israel)
HPV as predictive biomarker in cervical cancer
Evelina Shikova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Cell lines from Mc-29 virus-induced chicken tumor as experimental model in oncovirology
Radostina Alexandrova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Toward personalized therapy in colorectal cancer
Enrico Mini (Florence, Italy)
Low Dose Interleukin 2 In Neoplasms - Clinical Application And Immunological Profile
R. Tomova, D. Kyurkchiev, S. Bocheva, I. Altankova, N. Koytcheva, Z. Krastev (Sofia, Bulgaria)

9:30-10.30 Room D

Foundation of the Bulgarian-German Medical Society

Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Room A
Clinical Issues on Cardiology
Cosponsored by the Rambam University Hospital, Haifa, Israel, and ISC Working on Blood Stream Infection & Endocarditis
Chair: George Wassilew (Berlin, Germany)
Co-Chair: Christoph K. Naber (Essen, Germany)
Particular cases of Bulgarian citizens with TB infection in Germany.
Treatment options abroad for citizens of the European Union on the basis
of existing contracts of insurance companies
G. Wassilew, K. Wassilew, A. Zlatew (Berlin, Germany)
Infective Endocarditis: 125th anniversary of the Gulstonian lectures – is there any progress?“
Christoph K. Naber (Essen, Germany)

11:00-12.00 Room D
Foundation of the Bulgarian Council of ESIDOG
Ernst-Rainer Weissenbacher (Munich, Germany) - Stefan Ivanov (Varna, Bulgaria)

12:30-13:00 Room A: Closing Session

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